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tv   Greta Van Susteren  FOX News  January 9, 2013 10:00pm-11:00pm PST

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after? who do you attack? the guy that everybody is talking about, the guy that everybody loves. it happens all the time. i think it's classic. and i also think there was a level of ignorance involved in this, in my opinion. >>. >> sean: what do you think, leann. i think they were racist. rg 3 and the redskins my team since i was born. >> sean: the winning team, itch' got t i've got the jets, but they're coming back. >> you know what, sean, you and i have a friend in steven a smith, thank god he came out and said what are you talking about? this is just wrong. you know, let's just say this, black people have been coming out saying white people have been racist since the dawn of time and then you have a black man saying racist comments against another successful educated black man, shouldn't they be sticking together? that's what disappoints me he's tearing-- what's he going to say next, obama is not black enough, is he not white enough?
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i don't care if he's trying to get attention or not you're a journalist and supposed to put things out that people want to hear. >> sean: great comments. greta is next, see you tomorrow. >> tonight, is president obama doing a power grab, bypassing congress to do just what he wants to do, cutting out the co-equal branch of congress. and newt gingrich is here to talk about the potential for power grab. "on the record" starts now. >> a bunch of liberal democrats worried about guns talking about using executive orders, what could it possibly be about? a gun grab. >> the president is going to pact through executive orders, executive action can be taken. >> if you have a president who thinks that executive orders trump the constitution, it doesn't really matter how many americans think that the constitution guarantees them the right to own a gun.
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>> the latest on a gruesome murder trial underway in phoenix right now. >> she already said, i did it, so the only thing that the jury is trying to determine here is was this really self-defense. >> how he treated her in a s subserviant way and the things they say don't portray him as a altar boy. >> he was of driving a car shot at him and sped away. >> family members plotted to do this. >> the widow of the million dollar lottery winner says she has no idea who poisoned her husband with cyanide. >> and the purpose of the information isn't to find out the cause of death, they've found the cause of death. may be to determine how it was given. >> he may not be into rappers, but here in atlanta he's known for 11 kids and ten baby mamas. ♪
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>> how does a guy like me end up with ten babies mama-- all that and so much more. first, is president obama acting like the bypasser in chief? the white house is making it crystal clear that president obama could bypass congress and everything from the debt ceiling to gun control. for starters, vice-president biden saying today the president may impose gun control with an executive order. former speaker of the house, newt gingrich joins us, nice to see you, sir. >> good to be with you. i have to say, you have the most amazing program tonight that i can remember. >> greta: it's quite vast and varied let's say. >> remarkable. >> greta: don't want to miss any of it. and don't want to miss you either. tell me, the vice-president says the president may use an executive order for -- to impose gun control. your thoughts? >> well, the president can try to do almost anything if he wants to. the question is will he get away with it? the two natural stands are first, somebody will file a
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lawsuit, saying that it's illegal, and unconstitutional. but second, the house republicans have an opportunity when the continuing resolution comes up at the end of the march, to simply zero out the authority, to say no money shall be spent. now, that's so clear under our constitution, and goes all the way back to the magna carta, a copy of which sits in the capitol dome. i think it would be a very interesting fight. the president is clearly coming off this election is going to push everything he can to the edge. he has no interest in negotiating. he wants to push the country as far as he can. sooner or later, the house republicans have to decide that they're going to cheerfully draw lines in the sand and the constitution gives them the power, the greatest power of the congress is the power of the purse and all they have to say is you have no money to do this. >> greta: with three co-equal branches of government, that's a given. i'm curious when can a president use an executive order and when can't he? is there a line of
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demarcation. >> the executive order comes to execute the law. so as long as it's -- basically the congress passes a law. the president wants to execute that law, so he issues an order saying, we're going to do the following things, but what he can't do is write a new law. >> let's take the example of gun control. if he issues an executive order where he has an idea in his mind about what gun control should be, can he issue executive order? is that executing an order or is that just making up his own? >> making up his own. >> greta: that's where the line is drawn. >> and at that point the correct answer by the congress is to cut off the money and to say, no money shall be spent to do this. >> greta: all right. well, i don't know how he's going to -- i don't know if money comes into play with gun control, if he's going to-- >> sure, cut off atf, whatever. the president sitening the white house can't execute anything. he's going to order somebody to do something and if the congress does it and says to
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the people, whether alcohol tobacco firearms, fbi, border patrol, no money can be spent to implement this period. >> greta: but, now he's engaged in a really ugly battle, very ugly battle. >> right. >> greta: and he's going to say that the republicans are against law enforcement, they don't want the streets, don't want the borders protected because they've cut off the funding for the border. >> on the 100th anniversary of the birth of richard nixon, nixon who did several things that got him in deep trouble would never have dreamed of the level of power grab that obama, at least according to biden and according to others, has tried to do. the same thing with the national labor relations board, decided based on obscure 1935 rule that they will be involved in nonunion companies because they've decide today reinterpret what that law means. >> greta: well, a power grab in my mind is when do you something, you simply don't have the lawful authority to do. >> he doesn't, the president
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doesn't. >> greta: if there's no law that he would be executing by virtue of an executive order with gun control, instead he's got to look to congress to do that would be an unlawful exercise, that would be a power grab? >> and the two ways that are to take him to court or the congress cuts off the money. >> greta: does congress have the sort of wherewithal, i mean, do they have the drive to do that? >> we don't know yet. i would think the number one task the house republicans are faced with as they go off to their planning retreats this week and next week is simple, the real power of the congress is to not spend money. are they prepared starting with the continuing resolution and with the sequester, are they prepared to say to the president we're not going to spend the money. >> greta: looking at the horizon, at this congress and this speaker of the house, and do you see them united enough to do something like that? >> oh, i think if they could
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talk it through they could do that united. i think that in fact they're much more unified than people believe and that this would actually be a fairly easy fight because it goes to the heart of the republican coalition, smaller government, less spending, more balanced budget coalition. >> greta: let me talk about the debt ceiling. there's some discussion about the president, the white house suggesting that they don't have to go to congress to raise the debt ceiling, they can instead rely on the 14th amendment of the constitution. and i did research going back to when this debt ceiling business started, basically in 1917. what it was to give some more ease to the white house to borrow money, it was not to give the white house a blank open credit card. and so, now though, the president says doesn't matter about this 1917 law, i'm just going to do it because the constitution says i can? >> well, he can try to do that. i think it would be a disaster on a number of fronts. president obama's strengths is when the congress is saying no and they're involved in some
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kind of a fight and he's saying, let's do the right thing. for the president now to step in and create a proposal that goes back 150 years and to say something no president has ever said, that the president of the united states can unilaterally create debt, i think would be taking a pretty big burden and would isolate him pretty rapidly and people around the world would say, wait a second, what if i buy obama bonds and then it turns out they're illegal. i mean, he would be entering into the marketplace, a level of uncertainty that would be pretty remarkable. >> greta: do you think it's sort of saber rattling and he has no intention of unilaterally relying on the the constitution or do you think he believes he has authority and he's going to do it. >> i think it's a very smart team. i'm grudgingly saying that obama and his team know what they're doing. they want a fight over the
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debt ceiling because it's a loser for the republicans. the faith and credit of the united states, are you going to honor your debt and be the first people to default. what they don't want to fight over the continuing resolution and the sequester because that's spending and they don't want to get into a spending fight because they know that every survey shows that three out of four americans believe you can cut government spending and the country does not believe this government is proficient and they don't believe it's as small as it could be. so, the president will do everything he can to keep this fight in the debt ceiling because that's his best fight and they're terrified of getting mired up-- imagine if the congressional republicans said we're going to pass a 30-day continuing resolution in march and in that 30-day resolution we're going to kill the ten dumbest offices in the federal government and you the voters can go to our new website and you can vote for what you think the ten will be and we're going to come back 30 days later the end of april and pass a 30-day continuing resolution and kill the next ten dumbest offices and you
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get to decide what they are. you would have-- how does the president go on tv and defends that, 3 trillion, 700 billion budget and defend the ten dumbest offices. you know how of dumb the ten dumbest offices are? >> i could imagine, i live and work here. i've read that rethought the defense of marriage act and reflects on the republican party. explain to me your change. >> i'm very concerned. i believe as a matter of faith na marriage is between a man and a woman. i think everything that we know of in terms of the bible and teaching in the church says a marriage is between a man and a woman. i also believe as a matter of fact that nine states have now adopted a law which is different than that. and that poses very real and complex human circumstances and i think a -- the practical reality is, how are we going to deal with that fact? and it's not that i want to change my belief. i think that in fact, it's a big mistake to be confused
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about this issue, but i think it's also a legal reality that now people are being allowed to create legal status over here and if they create it in maryland and they go on a trip and something happens to them on that trip, what happened, what's their status if they want to go to the local hospital. so, i think this is a -- this is a very complicated human problem and republicans need to take a deep breath and understand, we need to deal with the human side of this equation and understand that we want to defend marriage and in its classic form between a man and woman. i don't accept there's an alternative. the government can declare that a truck is air force one, but that doesn't mean it can fly. >> greta: does it mean if this were before you today to vote anew, the defense of marriage act, that you would not vote in favor of it, that having looked at where the -- you know, what the evolution of where the country has gone and the feeling of so many americans and the number of states, would that change your
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vote? >> there's a very specific bill that says because one state, maryland to take an example, happens to vote that marriage extends beyond a man and woman doesn't mean that can be opposed in another state. i would still defend the right of any individual state. >> greta: so basically a federal-- >> but i'm saying as a matter of practical reality, we have to deal, we conservatives have to deal with the objective fact that nine states have adopted a rule which is now going to make life more complicated and it's not enough to -- again, i'm not, in my personal views, in my beliefs, i don't back up an inch from the core belief of the bible and the core belief of my church that marriage is between a man and a woman, but i'm trying to understand how are we going to cope with the complexity that this fact has now entered into our life. >> greta: as the republican party-- has the republican party been tone deaf or unwilling to face
10:14 pm
that human aspect. >> i think the republican party is a complicated institution and a lot of complicated people in it, some of whom much more prepared to accept that than others. we're going to remain the conservative party, a party that believes in core traditional values, remain a party which defends religious liberty. and we're going to -- and we've got to learn to do it much, much better. i watched us get outmaneuvered by the left over and over the last couple of years in ways that i found frustrating and infuriating and we have to learn from that. >> mr. speaker, always nice to see you, sir. thank you. and listen to this one, is this the real war on women? at least it's a battle of the photograph. today the white house releasing the photo of president obama's staff meant to combat another photo on the front page. new york times. here is what the controversy is all about. the new york times ran a story criticizing the president for having a male dominated staff. the times printed a photo of president obama with ten male
10:15 pm
advisors, this photo obviously got under the white house's skin because the white house has now released a photo showing president obama meeting with several female advisors. they include senior advisor, valerie jarrett, and others, what do you think is the war on women fought here? go to and tell us. shocking from the wife of the lottery winner to died from cyanide poisoning. what does she have to say about her husband's mysterious death? and baseball great pete rose he's hear talking about the news that left baseball fans stumped today and a rapper starring in a controversial reality show responding back, what do we want to build next ? that's the question. every day. when you have the most advanced tools, you want to make something with them.
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>> a new reality show causing an uproar even before it hits the air and tonight, its star is fighting back. rapper carlos shawty lo walker stars in the new show "all my babies' mamas", 11 kids by ten different women and critics say the show is demeaning to women, children and african-americans. in a mtv exclusive shawty lo defends his show and his life style. >> i take care of all of my kids, i have problems, all ten, i had problems out of one, two kids by me and feels like i supposed to do more for her kids and she don't want to work, she wants me to straight take care of them. and a lot of people, they talk about, okay, man, he got this many kids and this, this and this. but like i tell them, it's a lot of fathers don't take care
10:20 pm
of one. a lot of fathers don't take care of one. i got to deal with 11:nine girls and two boys, and take that responsibility, if you want to, but you know, now that it happen i'm going to turn my back against it? if i wasn't taking care of my kids you'd dog me out. and i take care of my kids and family. i don't know what to say. >> and what kind of-- (inaudible) well, the advice i give, i know it ain't easy 'cause you know, when i first came to being like a father, like, i'm going to say, saying i was daddy first, and just like me, giving the baby's mama money and that's what i thought that dad was, but it's way more than that. and you bring your child, like-- that be the last thing, you participate with them.
10:21 pm
>> greta: his reality show is slated to air this spring. there's new information tonight about the mysterious death of a million dollar lottery winner. the chicago man died of cyanide poisoning one day after the state cut him the very big lottery winning check. and tonight, word that his widow is battling with his siblings over control of his estate, that includes of course his lottery winnings. and also police questioning the wife and searching the couple's home. the wife's lawyer joins us, steve, thanks for joining us. >> you're welcome, greta. >> greta: steve, just so that i have an understanding, what is your -- what kind of practice do you have of law. estate practice or criminal lawyer, what kind of practice? >> i'm a criminal defense attorney primarily. >> greta: okay, that's the first sign fthe wife thinks she needs a criminal defense lawyer, that's a red flag. she didn't go to an estate lawyer to figure out how to divvy up the estate he she went to a criminal defense lawyer. >> no, no, that's not what happened. what happened the estate
10:22 pm
lawyer, she -- the husband had passed away in july. the estate had been started to go through probate and around the 6th of november the state's attorney got a warrant to search her apartment, or to search her house and the warrant said it was for investigation of first degree murder. then before she hired me, or talked to me, she went into the chicago police department, talked with them for four and a half hours without counsel, and then after all of that, she informed the estate lawyer of what had happened. and he told her that it might be a good idea to retain a criminal defense attorney. so she -- her reaction was a bit naive. she first said that what do i need a lawyer for, a criminal
10:23 pm
defense lawyer, ai'm not guilty of anything. but clearly, if you have somebody searching your house, somebody interrogating you, then it'd be a good idea to get a criminal defense attorney. so it all happened back in november. >> greta: okay, what kind of marriage did they have. any problems in their marriage? >> from everything that i can see, they were living the american dream. they were very much in love with each other. every person that i've talked to, including some of the people in my office staff that met him, the estate lawyer was actually his personal attorney involved with his business before he had passed away. everybody said he was a very nice man, loved by a lot of people, his wife is a very gentile woman and speaks highly of her husband, didn't have an argument. >> something went off the rails, he wins a big check,
10:24 pm
the state cuts it and they have a burial service and a family member puts pressure on the police to reopen it and they spend months reopening it it and finds out cyanide in his system and plan to exhume him. something's not right. is she feuding with family members? >> well, i think that there are two sides in the estate case. so i think there's some discord going on there. you know, i'm the not really privy to that, that much, in the sense that it's being handled in the probate court. i think that they have some disagreement about how she was going to pay the partner, the business partner that the deceased had, so, you know, and in that sense, is there
10:25 pm
discord? i think that that's probably accurate, but i think that that was after this happened. she doesn't have any discord with them, i think that they've got discord with her. >> greta: steve, thank you very much and good luck, sir. >> you're welcome. >> greta: an insurance giant aig obviously got the hint, like a 2 by 4 between the eyes. americans have been making their voices heard loud and clear after news yesterday that aig was considering joining the 25 billion dollar lawsuit against the very people who saved their company. the taxpayers. the 182 billion dollar aig bailout, they declined to join the lawsuit against the taxpayers after seeing the taxpayers outrage. and one tweeted please tell me it's a sick joke. david axlerod, definition of
10:26 pm
chutzpa, aig of saved by american taxpayers, contemplating suit against u.s. over conditions. and morgan fairchild, u.s. had to save aig to stop worldwide collapse, but these guys should be in jail not suing u.s. i'm he one of the americans whose money saved you and i think i speak for all of us including your moms when i say go screw yourselves, but just a few minutes ago, austan goolsbee tweeting again and this time apologizing to aig and writes, dear aig, i hear you found the idea of suing the government absurd and aren't taking part. good call. thank you. i was misinformed and i apologize. >> and up next, baseball great pete rose is here and we'll talk to him about the big news from baseball's hall of fame. no players were elected this year, not even barry bonds and not roger clemens, why not? we'll hear from pete rose
10:27 pm
next, plus, sex, murder and money part after scandalous plot in las vegas, a woman accused of having an affair with her own son and both of them tried to kill her husband. we have the latest from vegas. and a daring escape from wildfi
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>> it hasn't happened since 1960. at least not until today. and this year, no baseball players were elected to the national baseball hall of fame, soar owe. home run titans barry bonds and sammy sosa and rogers clemens among those rejected. the shutout reopening the wounds of major league's baseball steroid scandal. joining us is baseball great pete rose also shut out with the hall of fame. and with him is his fiancee and they have an announcement to make. and first baseball with pete. your thoughts today. a complete shutout, nobody's going into the hall of fame this year. >> yeah, it's kind of sad,
10:31 pm
greta, because there's a lot of great players on the ballot and craig bejio, the first player on the first ballot since 1945 with 3000 hits not to make the hall of fame, of course, i believe that mike piazza is probably the greatest offensive catcher in the history of baseball, only got over 50%. johnnie bench, the best catcher in the history of baseball, but piazza has the record for catchers as far as offensively. as far as the guys linked to steroids, i didn't have a vote. you know, i don't know how they came up with the percentages that they came up with. i remember the first time mark mcgwire was on the ballot, he got 24% and i was wondering today to see if bonds and clemens and those guys would get in the 50's, because if they got into the 50's means in a couple of years probably make it to the hall of fame,
10:32 pm
but they're in the 30's, next year as you know, may not know, maddux and kent, glavine, a lot of good nominees for next year, but it's sad because we have a lot of friends in cooperstown who owns stores and they kind of thrive on that week, hall of fame week to survive for the year and i don't know what kind of induction weekend it's going to be now because there's he no induction. >> greta: well, jack morris and tim, the only ones that hit the 52%, there isn't much that hit the 52%. you say it's kind of sad you should have seen my twitter account today and my blog with the mention of pete rose. a lot of people are upset pete rose is not in the hall of fame and i can't tell you how my account lit up today. what is your thought. are you ever going to the get in the hall of fame? >> well, i'm on the ineligible list, i've never been on list to receive any votes and i
10:33 pm
must tell you i'm not in the hall of fame because i'm the one that made the mistake and screwed up and i can't sit here on your show or sean's show or bill's show and complain about anybody because i'm the one that messed up. in my situation, we just live every day life and have fun and try to get a second chance sometime. i won't need a third, and if i ever get a second chance, we'll he see what happens as far as the hall of fame is concerned. >> greta: i wonder though if it's all about you and how much of it really is about the fans? because i was at that world series game in 1999 where they had the greatest players of the 20th century and were you one of them. they brought the players out and the fans went absolutely crazy when pete rose's name came up. the biggest standing ovation of anybody and the fans really want to see you in the hall of fame. at least, i mean, very few who don't. so, i mean, i'm wondering, if this isn't a little for the fans, too, if the fans aren't being cheated. what do you think about that? >> well, i get good fan support, greta, no question
10:34 pm
about that and i think the fans understand that now i understand i made a mistake and willing to give me a second chance and my teammates realize that i know i made a mistake and they're on my side. and it's one guy's decision, bud selig, i probably made his job tougher over the years, i probably did, there's been a problem with baseball the last 15, 20 years, but he's the guy in charge and he can call me right ntate me tomorrow if that's the way he felt, but we're still trying to contact him and who knows? who knows down the road? you never give up. i never gave up as a player and i won't give up as someone who wants to go to the hall of fame, because it's the ultimate goal for a baseball player or a football player or a basketball player. >> greta: well, i wish he'd make you eligible so you could be considered. let me announce you have another project. and let me ask you, what's the project you and pete rose have? >> we did a reality show with
10:35 pm
t.l.c., it's called pete rose, hits and misses. >> greta: and when did this start? >> it starts monday on january 14th at 10 p.m. >> it's a lot of fun, greta. >> greta: tell me about it. >> yeah, we enjoyed doing it because people say, why did you do it? well, i think i can only answer for me, she can answer for herself. in my case, i just wanted to show a different pete rose and what people think pete rose is. when people think of me, they think about me knocking catchers down and knocking second baseman down and yelling at pitchers. when i took the spikes off after the game i was a nice guy when i went home. if i went 0 for 4 i didn't go out and beat up the guard in the car lot or beat up my wife when i went home. you know, i just knew i was going to come back the next day and she had her reasons why she wanted to. >> well, i wanted to do it for several reasons.
10:36 pm
>> greta: go ahead. >> but mainly because you know, dating pete rose is a tough job. he's, you know, just legendary, he's so famous, and i wanted to have my own identity. and to really let people into our lives and our relationship. >> it was fun, a lot of fun. >> greta: pete, as i close can i get the promise out of you i get the first interview after you make the hall of fame? >> yeah, you remember many years ago when we did an event in west palm beach? >> i do remember that. >> i mean, you -- i have to congratulate you, man, you've come a long way and you're great and do a great job. you do, i mean, you do a great job. i watch you every night. i watch you every night. >> he does. >> and you tell it the way it is and you cut through everything. i mean, you travel more than anybody on tv, i think. >> greta: pete, thank you. >> i'll give you that interview, i'll give you that interview if i make the hall of fame.
10:37 pm
>> greta: if it happens. all right. thank you, good luck to both of you, thank you both. >> thank you. >> okay, all right, greta have a great night. >> greta: and a fire, how an australian man describes a wildfire headed towards his home. with moments to spare, the man helped his wife and five grandchildren make an amazing escape. as they were escaping, everything around them burst into flames and the grandmother and kids ran to a nearby jetty, soon the jetty caught fire and forcing them to jump in the sea. in neck deep water. the grandfather came to the rescue in a boat and children have now been reunited with their parents. >> and coming up, the trial of a woman accusing of savaging, murdering her boyfriend in the shower. and a man testified he made out with jodi arias the day after the murder. and in minutes, one neighborhood gets a big scare, 911 flooded with calls about a lion on the loose. lion on the loose. but whattttt what are you doing?
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>> a lion on the loose, at least that's what panicked neighbors in virginia thought. >> several called 911. >> what is your emergency? >> i'd like to report a lion, a lion across-- >> say that again? >> hey, i'm driving down the street there was a lion that ran across the street. a big lion. >> where. >> about the size after labrador retriever. >> okay, it turned out the animal on the loose was a dog. it's a lab doodle cut like a lion's name. his name is charles the monarch, looks like the king of the jungle, but the hair do is like the old dominion mascot. and my dog looks like a panda. if you have pets that look like other animals, use like other animals, use hashtag grgrgrgrgr [ ryon ] eating shrimp at red lobster
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>> stunning testimony in the trial of a woman accused of slaughtering her ex-boyfriend in the shower. travis alexander was shot and stabbed and his throat slit. jodi arias admits she did it, but claims self-defense. get this the next day after the murder arias went to visit another man and today that other man testifying that he and arias were making out just 24 hours after the brutal murder. >> the second we woke up, we were kissing. >> and what else happened? >> she got on top of me, pretty aggressively and we were kissing. >> anything about her demeanor that indicated to you that she was upset about anything at that point? >> not at all. >> in terms of that date, did you form an opinion based on your contact with her and being around her as to her
10:44 pm
strength and how fit she was. >> she was very fit. she was in good shape. >> in terms of her strength, did you form an opinion based on that night? >> we were instant messaging back and forth at some point i complimented her on being very spicy and kind of referring to she -- she's a lot stronger than she looks. >> and troy hayden with the latest. i asked the prosecutor ask what her demeanor was the following day after her boyfriend was killed and also whether or not she was strong. did the prosecutor ask the new man on the witness stand whether or not he saw any indication of any defensive wounds? she's raising self-defense, so did she have a scratch on her. >> she had a couple of cuts on her hands and explained that she dropped a glass at a job she worked at. but everybody in the courtroom was stunned today. are you kidding me? let me set the stage for you. just yesterday we're sitening
10:45 pm
that courtroom and we saw picture after picture, maybe the most violent murder i've ever been around of the travis alexander was stabbed so many times in the back, in the throat, in the head, and his throat was slashed to the point he was almost decapitated. he was shot in the forehead and 24 hours later she is 's hooking up with another guy at chilies, and making out. and stunned in the courtroom, to do that 24 hours later. >> what was her demeanor in the courtroom, listening to the testimony. did you take a look at her? >> yeah, she's pretty much stayed the same. the first day of testimony, she had no glasses on. she put on reading glasses and looks down. a small smile in the court that may be funny. but quiet. when the crime scenes photos she'd look down and wouldn't look at them and dab at her eyes. >> i'm blown away somebody her size could do, and physical
10:46 pm
cutting and she's admitting she did that. >> do they have any indication whether the gunshot wound, and a gunshot wound as well. did that come first before the stabbing? and maybe that may explain it? >> that's the first thing i thought, too, the medical examiner was on the stand yesterday saying no, travis alexander had some defensive wounds on his hands that he was trying to defend himself and that bullet went in right here and went through his brain says there's no way he'd be able to defend himself if that bullet went through his brain. he thought the shot came after. after he was possibly dead. they're trying to claim self-defense here? i don't know how they're going to pull it off. >> what's the next plan? the witness we just saw, the one hooked up with, was he cross examined. >> texting and strength wasn't brought up again. maybe it will be later. i don't know what the defense is it going to do to be honest, i'm looking forward to what kind of case they'll put on. >> the theory, usually what
10:47 pm
you do the use the prosecution witness to sort of help your defense, the cross examining of the man on the witness stand that she hooked up with the next day. do you get any hint anything at all that will be the least favorable to their client. >> one thing they kept asking, who is texting who? a series of sexy texts, they knew each other a few hours, met in oklahoma at a conference and texting several months after that. looking through the texts looked like a mutual thing. she said she was having problems with travis in terms of trusting him, about as far as that went. >> troy, thank you. >> you've got to, greta. >> a stunner could former fbi agent robert levinson still be alive? alive? and why would iran hold hey, our salads. [ bop ] [ bop ] [ bop ] you can do that all you want, i don't like v8 juice. [ male announcer ] how about v8 v-fusion.
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>> it's crazy. now, allegedly, the kid says that he was abusive to himself and his mother. now, here's the interesting part. the victim, steve, who lived, adopted this young man, who allegedly is the one who may have pulled the trigger. that is not clear as of yet. but what is striking, this happened toward loganville,
10:52 pm
nevada, two hours north of las vegas. it's a pretty little town. it's like where they do clorox commercial, not a large population. they go to this -- like a 7-eleven and they in the early morning -- this is the son and the uncle -- and they have something to drink. they get some sodas and goodies. they lie in wait for the victim to come out. they follow him and shoot through the window and they shoot the guy and shoot him in the neck. they don't kill him and he lives. >> is this -- is this man-- the mother-- the wife or the guy who was shot -- is she the natural mother of the adopted son of the husband? >> yes. i talked to -- i talked to hiswa pending divorce action, greta, in november of this past year. and i asked him, it's unclear in the report. and he said that amy, the mother, is the biological mother of this son, michael who, they are alleging there is an affair with because there are horrible
10:53 pm
things about groping one another, thins like that. and this victim adopted this young man. they were in the middle of a divorce. >> bob, thank you. always nice to see you. >> okay. greta. take care. >> i do believe that the iranian government has my husband. the people working the case on a daily basis are fbi agents and they have tried very hard to find out information about bob and get him returned to our family safely. unfortunately, that hasn't happened. they haven't been able to get the kind of information we would hope they would be able to obtain. our oldest daughter is getting married in a month and we don't have any reason why bob is being held. and we have no information about how to get him home. and we know that ron can do -- iran can do that. >> that's the wife of the former missing fbi agent, going "on the record," pleading for the u.s. government to put pressure on iran. almost 6 years ago, her husband
10:54 pm
vanished from an iranian island. and iran may be behind the disturbing videos and letters sent to the wife. john bolton is here. why wouldn't the iranian government, if they have him, why wouldn't they be using it as a sort of -- a -- holding it over our heads? >> i think they are. i am surprised that our government ever thought anyat any point that he wasn't being held by the iranians. he was captured on an iranian island, where a lot of smuggling takes place. he's a former fbi agent. i don't know what he was doing on the island. it is tempting for the iranian authorities to use him as a bargaining chip in various negotiations with us. >> but they haven't, at least, publicly, they are denying that they have him. although the u.s. government now believes that they have him. why wouldn't they say, we have him and we want -- lift the sanctions on such and such woo and we will give you bok levinson. >> i think they may.
10:55 pm
i wouldn't give the iranian government credit for being completely coherent in how they handle these things. they find this guy, an ex-fbi agent, maybe they didn't want to admit it for a lot of reasons, with some of the smuggling activities he may have been investigating. i think they have a problem that they are trying to figure out how to turn to their advantage. >> do you think we are doing enough to get him back. >> clearly not. this is five or six years gone by. we can't get a straight statement from the iranian authorities. no surprise there. you can't get straight statements from them on a lot of things. but i think we have missed a lot of opportunities and i think it's a failing of the u.s. government, when one of its people goes missing, it is the government's fundamental job to protect its citizens and we have failed here. >> the three college students we have gotten back. i don't know why we could get them back and not him. >> they need to keep working on it. >> thank you.
10:56 pm
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>> greta: some celebrities proving they do have a sense of humor, they went on jimmy kimmel to read mean tweets about themselves. >> selena gomez is on the radio right now s there a volume lower than mute? sorry. >> i saw larry king at dinner.


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